Deluxe Airway Management Head

Adult Deluxe Airway Management Trainer with Board

Ref: PP00502

This new Deluxe Airway Management Head is available on a board or not so you can replace the existing vinyl head on your PDA STAT or your STAT Simulator. The features for this head include anatomical landmarks, tongue edema, laryngospasm, cricothyrotomy, and bilateral carotid pulses. Use all of the field airway adjuncts your agency uses while practicing with this product.

Instructions are included to show how to disconnect the head and use the color and/or size coded connections for easy installation of the replacement head.

Installation of the replacement head is estimated to be 30 minutes for the PDA STAT manikin and less time for the STAT Simulator.

* The only Head of its kind on the market
* New material – New design
* More life-like feel than older plastic models
* Greater stretching characteristics in the face
* Will not be damaged by student aggression with a Laryngoscope
* The tongue is more flexible than older plastic models
* Vocal cords reside in a more neutral position than the older plastic models
* Easier to clean than the older plastic models

Price: £1,650.00

(£1,980.00 including VAT at 20%)


Deluxe Infant Airway Trainer Head

Ref: PP00130

This station trainer incorporates new skin technology. The advantages of durability and lifelike appearance, in association with the convenience of a lightweight stand, put this device at the head of the class for pediatric airway training. This new material eliminates tearing of the airway, saving the need for costly repairs caused by beginning student intubation attempts. Translucent property allows for lifelike illumination of the airway and neck as the skill is attempted. Vocal cords are highlighted for easy viewing, the tongue swells, and all the anatomical landmarks are present. Three-year warranty.

Price: £1,094.50

(£1,313.40 including VAT at 20%)