CPR Recording Simulaids Manikin

CPR Recording Manikin With Ipad

Ref: PP04004EX

The improved CPR recorder takes advantage of Wi-Fi® technology, which makes operation easier and provides clear, detailed information regarding the execution of CPR compressions and ventilation. This permits objective feedback to guide the trainee to improve by providing a direct measure they can see and understand.
Simulaids’ CPR Recording Manikin complies with the 2010 AHA standards for CPR. The manikin meets the new standards by measuring and reporting compression depths greater than 2" and compression rates faster than 100 a minute. CPR training can be documented and then used to assign a passing grade percentage based upon the 2010 AHA standards. If you participate in other standards, the program settings can be changed to match. The program will let you choose to evaluate full CPR, ventilations only, or just the compressions. You can set the time line for the length of the test and adjust the display so that the detail of the measured feature is easy to interpret. Student records are easy to access and print for documentation of skill levels. The included squeeze bulb can be used to demonstrate carotid pulses. Also included is an iPad®*, a soft carry case, and replacement parts. The manikin’s rugged construction offers dependable operation for many years of service.

Price: £2,750.00

(£3,300.00 including VAT at 20%)


Lungs for CPR Recorder pack of 24

Ref: PP04001 *

CPR Recording Manikin Airway System 24Pk

Price: £82.50

(£99.00 including VAT at 20%)


Adult CPR Mouth/Nosepiece (10 pk)

Ref: PP02023EX *

These are to be used with Simulaids Brad Adult PP02801ex & Simulaids Female Adult PP02861ex Manikins.

Price: £53.00

(£63.60 including VAT at 20%)