Training AED

Physio-Control LIFEPAK® CR-T Training AED

Ref: 11250-000075


• Remote control

• Remote control cable

• Yellow plastic shock key cover

• CHARGE-PAK™ Trainer

• Quick reference card

• QUIK-PAK™ training electrodes

• 2 AAA alkaline batteries (for remote control)

• 4 D-cell alkaline batteries (for Trainer)

• Operating instructions

• Soft case with identification card

The LIFEPAK CR–T AED Trainer provides the necessary interface for practical skill demonstration during a simulated cardiac arrest. The Trainer is designed to assist the instructor with realistic training on the use of the defibrillator without the actual charge and discharge of electrical energy.

The Trainer simulates voice prompts, audible tones, and readiness display features of all LIFEPAK CR defibrillator models. These features help guide trainees through simulated analysis, simulated shock delivery, and prompted CPR time.

An infrared, wireless, remote control allows the instructor to operate the Trainer during training sessions.

Labeled buttons on the remote control are used to define operating settings for training scenarios and, while training is in progress, pause Trainer operation or interrupt preset training scenarios. Optionaloperating settings offer flexibility and a variety of potential setup configurations.

The Trainer and remote control are intended for indoor use under normal room temperature and lighting conditions.

Price: £330.00

(£396.00 including VAT at 20%)


Physio-Control LIFEPAK® CR-T Training Electrode Assembly Kit Adult

Ref: 11250-000012 *

  • Kit consists of five (5) pairs of reusable AED training electrodes
  • cable/connector assembly and reusable pouch.
  • The reusable AED training electrodes are good for approximately 30 applications.
  • Training use only

Price: £49.44

(£59.33 including VAT at 20%)


Physio-Control LifePak CRT Replacement Training Electrodes Adult

Ref: 11250-000015 *

Five (5) pair of adhesive electrode portion only (ADULT)

Training use only.

Price: £26.78

(£32.14 including VAT at 20%)


Physio-Control LifePak CRT Replacement Training Electrodes ,INFANT-CHILD

Ref: 11250-000042 *

  • Replacement Infant/Child AED Training Electrodes (no pouch)
  • 5 pair reusable training electrodes
  • Adhesive portion only
  • Cable/connector assembly and reusable foil pouch sold separately

Price: £21.63

(£25.96 including VAT at 20%)