Neonatal Wound Kit

Neonatal Wound Kit

Ref: PP08009

Simulaids created the Neonatal Wound Kit specifically to fit the Gaumard HAL baby, although the wounds can be used on any newborn manikin. These wounds represent the major complications associated with critical neonates. Included in the kit are the following anomalies:
• Subgaleal Hemorrhage Wound (#881)
• Abdominal Distention, Preemie (#882)
• Omphalocele Wound (#883)
• Gastroschisis Wound (#884)
• Slack Face Wound (#885)
• Abdominal Distention, Term (#886)
• Myelomeningocele Wound (#887)
• Carry Case (#PP2067)

Price: £1,760.00

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