Ultra Nursing Wound Simulation Kit

Life/form® Ultra Nursing Wound Simulation Kit

Ref: LF00720


The “ultimate” kit designed to assist nursing educators in creating medical experiences that used to only be found in clinical settings. Nursing assessment
is based on sensory experiences – what is felt, seen, heard and smelled. Wound simulation supports sensory perception in a nursing scenario and
assists students in confirming physical signs, realism, and critical thinking. Realistic, simulated conditions and injuries test the natural feelings and reactions that
would occur in actual patient situations. The instructor-created simulation scenarios assist students with making assessments, prioritizing patients, and determining
correct treatments. Simulation allows students to make critical mistakes without endangering a live patient, providing them with realistic patient interaction and
enabling them to gain experience and gain confidence before entering real-life clinical situations. The more realistic the simulation, the greater the learning experience.
Applications of wounds, blisters, abrasions, bruises, and much more act as visual aids. Moulage adds enough realism for students to become completely
engaged in the scenarios presented. It allows them to feel the patient or patient simulator is someone for whom they must provide appropriate care. Using very
quick, basic simulations and simple makeup, the simulated three-dimensional lifelike wounds can be cleaned, sutured, bandaged, etc., for a realistic nursing
experience. Nursing simulation can use simple makeup and include wounds applied to a real person’s or patient simulator’s limbs, chest, head, or any other part
of the body. The simulation can be as basic or advanced as needed by also adding other elements of realism, including sweat, blood, pus, mucous, or any other
“recipes” needed to create a realistic learning environment. The Life/form® Ultra Nursing Wound Simulation Kit includes everything needed to create complex
scenarios to assist students with a multitude of sensory perception experiences. Included are 32 simulated wounds, makeup, and makeup accessories all packaged
in a hard carry case.
Kit includes:
• Abrasion (LF00734U)
• Blisters (LF00726U)
• Blood Blisters (LF00727U)
• Boils (LF00739U)
• Burns (1st degree, 2nd degree superficial partial, 2nd degree deep partial, and 3rd degree) (LF00725U)
• Cysts — pilar and sebaceous (LF00732U)
• Dihiscence (LF00736U)
• Incisions — normal and infected (LF00735U)
• Infected Cyst — pus-filled (LF00733U)
• Lacerations — superficial and deep
• Moles/Skin Cancer — normal, basal cell
carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma (LF00731U)
• Ostomies — normal, double barrel, infected, prolapsed, and necrotic (LF00738U)
• Pressure ulcers — stages 1-4 (LF00730U)

Makeup and Accessories:
• Alcohol Prep Swabs
• Blood Gel with Brush (LF00750U)
• Blood Packets (blue and red) (LF01178U)
• Blood Paste (LF00751U)
• Brushes
• Castor Seal (LF00790U)
• Cold Cream
• Cotton Balls
• Cotton Swabs
• Craft Sticks
• Drop Cloths
• Flip-Top Pint Squeeze Bottle (empty)
• Foam Wedges
• Glycerin
• Grease Makeup
• Hard Carry Case
• KY Jelly (LF01116U)
• Liner Pencils (white, black, red, and brown)
• Liquid Latex (LF00754U)
• Magic Blood Powder (LF00758U)
• Makeup Remover (LF00757U)
• Methyl Cellulose (LF03774U)
• Mixing Palette (6-well)
• Modeling Clay (beige, terra cotta, brown, sienna)
• Modeling Tools
• Modeling Wax — blood colored (LF00753U)
• Modeling Wax — flesh colored (LF00752U)
• Mucous (LF00759(C)U)
• Nasco Cleaner (LF09919U)
• Nitrile Disposable Gloves
• Palette Knife
• Pencil Sharpener
• Petroleum Jelly
• Pus (LF00759(B)U)
• Red Rubber Round
• Scissors
• Sea Sponge
• Spirit Gum with Brush (LF00755U)
• Spirit Gum Remover (LF00756U)
• Spray Bottle (empty)
• Stipple Sponges
• Stool (LF00759(A)U)
• Syringes
• Wet Wipes

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