Forensic Science Wound Casualty Simulation Kit

Forensic Casualty Simulation Kit.

Forensic Casualty Simulation Kit.

Forensic Casualty Simulation Kit.

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Product code: 800-700

Forensic Wound Simulation Training Kit 

From simple puncture wounds associated with sharp instrument trauma to firearms entry and exit wounds, this kit is critical in studying the methodology of crime scene reconstruction based on wound demographics.
The kit that includes moulage wax, coagulant blood, and a selection of makeup for bruising, blanching, and lividity. The entire case is packed in a sturdy carrying case for protection and ease of transportation to the training site.

Wound Contents:


800-729 Bite complete
800-725 Bite partial
800-728 Blunt bat
800-731 Bunny ears
800-830 Compound fracture humerus
800-723 Contact gunshot
800-735 Contact handgun
800-732 Contact wound
800-730 Double-edge knife
800-717 Ecchymosis
800-722 Exit gunshot
800-734 Exit wound, large
800-733 Exit wound, small
800-901 Foreign body protrusion
800-726 Hesitation
800-736 Ice pick
800-720 Intermediate range
800-715 Intermediate range flake
800-716 Intermediate range round
800-908 Large compound fracture
800-903 Large laceration
800-904 Medium laceration
800-712 Pattern ligature
800-719 Petechiae
800-724 Screwdriver
800-914 2nd degree burn
800-714 Shotgun
800-721 Shotgun close range
800-727 Single-edge knife
800-713 Slash

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