Portable IV Hand & Arm Life/form® Trainer

Portable IV Arm Life/form®Trainer - White

Portable IV Arm Life/form®Trainer - White

Portable IV Arm Life/form®Trainer - White

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Life/form® Portable IV Arm Trainer - Light

Trainer includes everything you will need to begin training and practising IV skills. The Life/form® Portable IV Training Arm Trainer is constructed of soft material with life-like veins in the skin surface that are visible and palpable. Veins are accessible at the antecubital fossa and along the forearm, making it possible to practise venepuncture at any of the common sites.

When puncturing through the vinyl skin and veins, the skin will actually roll as you palpate the veins and the characteristic pop can be felt as the needle penetrates the vein. This trainer is the ideal way to teach venepuncture techniques including starting IVs and introducing Over the Needle IV catheters, and a realistic flashback will be observed when the needle has been accurately inserted into the vein.
This trainer is inexpensive enough so that each student can have their own arm to practise technique and skills required in their courses. Under normal use, hundreds of injections may be performed.

The skins and veins cannot be changed (trainer will eventually need to be replaced).

Included with each trainer is two IV bags, packet of blood powder and spoon, base with stand, two pinch clamps, 3 cc syringe, 12 cc syringe, 12 gauge needle, a winged infusion set, and a plastic clam shell case to store and transport the trainer and components.

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