Ready-or-Not Tot® Parenting Simulators

Ready-or-Not Tot® Basic Black

Ready-or-Not Tot® Basic Black

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This parenting manikin is new and improved - but still available at a great low price to fit your budget! It cries at preselected intervals around the clock and the student must press a button to quiet it for a 10-minute tending time (no key required). When the 10-minute tending period is completed, the manikin cries and the student needs to push the button to start the sleep cycle. Demonstrates the demands of parenting and also allows teaching proper baby care and handling. Improved manikin features eyes that are open and arms and legs that move so you can position the manikin in realistic poses. Fits in a car seat or infant carrier. Newborn-sized, 20" (50 cm) long, 4 lbs. manikin with movable head, arms, and legs. This parenting simulator is an educational tool and intended for students over 12 years of age.

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