Thermal Imaging Rescue Baby

Ref: PP01482

Simulaids expands thermal imaging training with TI Baby. It is not just a matter of getting through the smoke; it is about identifying objects and the ability to see contrasts between surfaces. TI Baby can be seen through smoke and steam by comparing the surface heat to the surrounding environment. Training with thermal imaging in real-life spaces and conditions can be dangerous. A smoke house used by a local fire department may expose a live actor to unnecessary risk while waiting for crews to find them. The same is true
in other areas of search and rescue. Using Simulaids’ TI manikins can provide realistic and effective training to ensure that staff is kept safe and trained on the use and operation of thermal imaging equipment. Special heaters operate off of standard 110V or 220V power outlets and reaches desired temperature in 15 minutes.
The TI Baby weighs 12 lbs. and is 26" tall. Size: 28" x 17" x 10".

Price: £1,210.00

(£1,452.00 including VAT at 20%)