Xtreme Trauma Wound Kit 2

Xtreme 2 Trauma Moulage Kit

Xtreme 2 Trauma Moulage Kit

Xtreme 2 Trauma Moulage Kit

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Xtreme 2 Trauma Moulage Kit

The wounds are made from a material that best mimics human flesh. The adhesive included with the kits sticks the wounds to humans or manikins.

This kit augments the Xtreme Trauma Moulage Kit, product 800-620, with different causative agents and a selection of deeper wounds so that packing with gauze can be accomplished. Many of them can bleed with the included reservoir bag/pump assembly. These rugged and durable wounds peel off and their long life allow for multiple uses over years of applications.
Kit comes in a sturdy carry box.

These wounds are latex free.

800-001 Bleeding exit gunshot palm 
800-002 Burned face, 3rd degree 
800-003 Bleeding eviscerated intestine
800-004 Bleeding forearm avulsion with skin flap 
800-005 Bleeding impaled stick
800-006 Bleeding exit wound
800-007 Bleeding laceration, 12 cm
800-008 Electrical burn palm
800-009 Intermediate shotgun entry
800-010 .45-caliber close entry 
800-011 Bleeding open fracture tibia
800-012 Bleeding open fracture femur
800-013 Bleeding open fracture clavicle

Makeup & Accessories:

800-218 Red grease paint, 2 oz. 
800-220 White grease paint, 2 oz. 
800-221 Brown grease paint, 2 oz.
800-222 Blue grease paint, 2 oz. 
800-225 Blood powder package each makes 1 gallon of simulated blood x3
800-226 Coagulant blood, 4 oz. 
800-228 Blood thickener, methyl cellulose 
800-230 Broken glass 
800-232 Spirit gum, each 1 oz. with brush x3 
223 Casualty simulation wax, 8 oz.
Tongue depressors x3 
12 disposable tape remover pads
Skin Tite® adhesive x2
1 carry case 

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